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Rubberprison Rubberprison Rubberprison Rubberprison

Overall-Suit from both sides smooth pure natural 1.2 mm thick special latex.
The suit has a YKK zipper that goes from the back of the head up through the belly step forward and is equipped with 4 lockable slider, a escape from the suit is not possible.
The freely selectable, multi-function mask is how the gloves and boots, glued to the suit. As the suit, the multi-function mask has a lockable slider, an unauthorized removal of the gag or blindfold is excluded.
The suit is cut loose, so is wearing another layer of latex in the rubber prison possible.


Standard Size Suites
Size Body Height
Small up to 66,90" / 170,00cm
Medium 66,90"-70,90" / 170,00-180,00cm
Large 70,90"-74,80 / 180,00-190,00cm

Standard Size Multi Function Masks
Size Neck Size Forehead
36 14,17"/36,00cm 22,05"/56,00cm
37 14,57"/37,00cm 22,24"/56,50cm
38 14,96"/38,00cm 22,44"/57,00cm
39 15,35"/39,00cm 22,64"/57,50cm
40 15,75"/40,00cm 22,83"/58,00cm
41 16,14"/41,00cm 23,03"/58,50cm
42 16,54"/42,00cm 23,23"/59,00cm
43 16,93"/43,00cm 23,43"/61,00cm
44 17,32"/44,00cm 23,62"/60,00cm
45 17,72"/45,00cm 23,82"/60,50cm
46 18,11"/46,00cm 24,02"/61,00cm

Size Sock-Liners
Size Foot Length
Small 10,60" / 27,00cm
Medium 11,00" / 28,00cm
Large 11,80i" / 30,00cm
X-large 12,40" / 31,50cm

Size Gloves
Size Hand Wide
Medium 3,50" / 9,00cm
Large 4,10" / 10,50cm

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